At FromBinary we aim to strengthen blockchain gaming and fuel new user adoption by bringing innovative new games to market with transformative user experiences. We're building new worlds that give value to gamer communities and make the blockchain paradigm shift tangible.

HODLAND is our flagship project, a web and mobile fantasy role-playing game running on the public Ethereum blockchain to give content ownership to gamers and create a peer-to-peer economy where players--the owners--get paid. With HODLAND we're innovating on past models and building new funnels that allow players to experience gameplay quickly, then motivating them to dive into the underlying technology.

FromBinary was formed in 2018 to create games built on world-changing blockchain technology. We're a small and agile studio. Our distributed team is on the lookout for top-tier contributors passionate about creating the best blockchain gaming experiences for web and mobile on the market. FromBinary also welcomes business inquiries from new partners, investors, and other professionals interested in joining us on our mission to strengthen the blockchain gaming space, fueling new user adoption.


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