Our Approach

At FromBinary we know that to create the best blockchain gaming experiences we need to work closely with our community. By putting HODLAND in the hands of our players from the start, we'll continue to evolve the game experience and blockchain interaction in ways that work. Gamer interaction on early-stage projects has been near impossible with the centralized ownership of modern game development, but in blockchain gaming its a requirement.

Our Story

After years of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it was time to do more for the ecosystem. Passion projects were no longer enough and in 2018 FromBinary was born. Our Founder & CEO, David Forrest, has set out to build a top-tier blockchain game development studio, on the back of 15 years experience in traditional video game development. As a lead engineer on many AAA titles, David has seen the good, bad and ugly of the gaming industry and the impact on gamers. Now, blockchain gaming is giving us a fresh start, where a small team can make a significant impact!


Experience the future of blockchain gaming today by playing our live alpha! Don't hesitate to join our community and let us know what you think.